The Rabiega Wine Cellar

Passionately authentic pleasures

The Rabiega wine cellar is an unwavering commitment to offer you quality wines. By applying all our knowledge and experience combined with lots of love through each step of the winemaking and selection process, we can consistently offer world-class wines, spirits and other beverages for every occasion.

In our cave you will find all the wines we produce at the estate. You will also be able to find our wines from other regions of France, such as our own champagne. We also have selected fine wines from Italy and Spain!

Do not miss the opening of our old wine cellar this coming summer! Here you will find exclusive old vintages from Domaine Rabiega. We also have our very own Marc de Provence Rabiega, our Vin de Toussant, as well as some local spirits such as gin and vodka.

Wine Shop – Opening hours

Our Wine Shop is located in Domaine Rabiega’s main building.

It is open, from 8 am to 10 pm, every day.

For wine tasting – please contact the hotel reception: +33 (0)4 94 68 44 22

Wines from our Domaine

Domaine Rabiega Blanc

2018, 2019

The color is a luminous pale yellow. The first nose is focused on white flowers, evolving into lemony and spicy notes.

The lively and fresh palate is well-balanced and long. The mineral and saline finish will invite you to a more in-depth tasting, ideal to accompany a fresh goat’s cheese, for example.

Domaine Rabiega Chardonnay

2016, 2017, 2018

This gastronomic white wine, aged in French oak barrels (semi-muid) for 6 months, will elegantly accompany a fine fish, a skewer of scallops, a chicken waterzooi, or the sweetness of a veal stew. It will seduce your taste buds in perfect duo with Beaufort or a refined Comté cheese.

Domaine Rabiega Rosé


This intense and brilliant rosé will be the ideal companion for an aperitif with friends.

The first nose is characterized by notes of red fruits and raspberries. Then come citrus fruit aromas.

The flavor on the palate has a soft and delicate onset, balanced with a nice length. The finish also has aromas of lemon and spices.

Clos Diére Rouge

Magnum: 2012, 2013, 2015

An intense aroma of dark berries, cherries and plums with roasted notes and spicy hints of vanilla and French herbs.

The flavor is elegantly balanced with strong fruitiness, roasted tannins, and a long, well-balanced aftertaste.

Le Rocher

2014, 2015, 2016

Vintage 2014 has a structured and elegant flavor with powerful tannins. The finish is soft and silky smooth. The taste is accompanied by aromas of pepper, thyme, and rosemary.

Vintage 2015 has an elegant and fine-tuned scent of red berries, raspberries, cherries, and nutmeg-spiced tones.

The flavor  is richly fruity, has soft tannins and balanced acidity with hints of a peppery spiciness.

Vintage 2016 has an intense and inviting aroma of black currants, wild raspberries, and cherries with spicy white pepper and herbs.

The flavor  is full-bodied, dark fruity, with noticeable tannins and balanced acidity.

Rabiega R 1718


R 1718 is an AOP with a powerful scent of black berries and spices, powerful on the palate with a marked character of the true red wines from Domaine Rabiega.

The wine is a blend of the best Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2017 and 2018 harvests. The blend is 20/80 Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah.

Mr. Lars Torstenson, our award-winning winemaker has made unique blends that give the wine its powerful character. The wine can be stored for 2-5 years. The wine is only available in magnum and in limited quantities. Bottled in August 2020.

Rabiega R 1819


R 1819 offers a powerful aroma of black fruits and spices.

Round and elegant in the palate, it shows the marked character of the true red wines from Domaine Rabiega.

Rabiega Marc de Provence

The diversity of its flavors shows finesse and the long storage, 18 years, of which 12 years in small French oak barrels, gives this Marc varied, intense and aromatic tones of gingerbread, caramelized almonds and dried fruit.

Over the years, this Marc will evolve towards deeper and sweeter flavors such as candied fruit

Our other Products

Maison Sans Pareil Loire Sauvignon Blanc

This wine gives grape-typical aromas of citrus and gooseberries with the original green tone of nettles and blackcurrant leaves. Wonderfully fresh flavor with lively refreshing acidity and a long aftertaste.

L’Amour Rosé

The wine has it for southern French wines, typically pale pink in color and the aroma is generously fruity with hints of crushed raspberries, strawberries, white peaches, and meadow flowers.

The flavor is freshly fruity with appealing acidity and flavors of currant, red citrus, and peach.

Champagne L’Amour Sans Pareil

Light golden yellow color with hints of green and silver. Light bubbles that give a nice and distinct floral scent with hints of apple, pear, and white peach. Slightly bready flavor with a spicy touch and fresh citrus tone.


The initial taste of our gin confirms that it is a genuine gin (there are some gins that are almost a flavored vodka), hence the juniper comes out first, after which the other ingredients, including citrus, coriander, and lavender, start to emerge.
Our thoughts drift away towards lingering Provençal sunsets, warm sunshine by the pool, or under a café umbrella in the square of local Provençal village.

We want a gin that is “unapologetically” Provençal – and this is it!

Forest Hard Seltzer

Brewed with alcohol from fermented apples.

Gluten free, low in carbohydrates and 5% alc / vol.

Lime & Mint, Raspberry, and White Peach.