Le Restaurant du Domaine Rabiega-
Opens late autum

Here we make top-class food using the very best ingredients the region has to offer. You can watch the chefs working in the open kitchen, while looking out over the vineyard from where the wine you’re drinking has originated. All in a pleasant and elegant environment offering professional and warm service and care.

At Le Restaurant du Domaine Rabiega, we cook with inspiration from all over the Mediterranean region – while also remembering our Nordic heritage. We source the local produce via personal relationships with farmers, many of whom are so small that only we are allowed to buy their produce.

The food is prepared with great respect for the location, which means we cook the food to fit with the vineyard’s wines.

Chambre separée
The main dining room can seat 36 guests, but would you like to sit more in a place of your own? Then you might be interested in booking a “chambre separée” – a smaller room with space for 8-14 people.

Welcome to Le Restaurant du Domaine Rabiega – we’ll do our utmost to make sure you have an experience that goes far beyond the ordinary!