Olive Harvest

The annual event

Participate in the annual harvesting of the olive grapes at Domaine Rabiega.

The harvest usually starts in the middle of December and lasts for 3 days. In the middle of December, the olives from the 170 olive trees at Domaine Rabiega are ready to harvest and pressed into olive oil.

Ideally, you arrive at the vineyard on Friday afternoon for a tour of the vineyard followed by a wine tasting experience.

We meet on Saturday morning for a common breakfast while we go through the process for the day. The lunch is served outdoors at the vineyard followed by a short rest under the olive trees.

Once all the olive grapes have been harvested and stored in the trucks, you will have some free time by the pool before we enjoy a delicious dinner together at the Bistrot Rabiega.

The stay includes: 2-days stay in a Double Room (supplement charge for a Single Room), full board meal plan with drinks including a wine tasting and tour of the entire vineyard.

Ideally, you arrive in the afternoon on day 1 and depart after breakfast on day 3.

For more information and reservations, please contact us:

Pour réserver, appelez le +33 (0)4 94 68 44 22 et sélectionnez 2,
ou envoyez un e-mail à restaurant@rabiega.com.
Pour les réservations de plus de 8 personnes, veuillez appeler le bistrot.
Vous pouvez également réserver directement ci-dessous :

To make a reservation, please call +33 (0)4 94 68 44 22 and select 2,
or send an email to restaurant@rabiega.com.
You can also book directly below:

For bookings of more than 8 persons please call the bistro.