Your Conference Room

Tailored to your needs

Combine your next meeting with a stay at a vineyard. At the end of the day’s meeting, you can take a walk among the vines, taste our wines, enjoy food made from local ingredients and stay in our rooms, which are all unique.

There are several different types of seating arrangements available for meetings. Here you can see how many people can fit into the different seating arrangements in our meeting room.

Seating arrangements – maximum number of people:

Cinema seating arrangement: 60 people.
School seating arrangement: 34 people.
U-shaped seating arrangement: 34 people.
Cluster seating arrangement: 34 people.

Or would you like a different seating arrangement? You are very welcome to contact us via:


Data projector, flip chart, pads, pens.

Price conference package

Food package:

• Morning coffee: Sandwich or pastries, fruit, coffee.
• Lunch 2 courses: Dish of the day, dessert, water, coffee.
• Afternoon coffee: Buffet with pastries and salty snacks, coffee.
• Dinner 3 courses: Starter, main course, dessert, water, coffee.

Price per person: € 100

Wine package lunch:
2 glasses of standard wine: € 15 per person.

Wine package dinner:
Standard: € 30. Middle: € 50. Exclusive: € 120.
Each package includes: Apéritif: 1 glass of sparkling wine. 
Starter: 1 glass of wine. Main course: 1 ½ glasses of wine.
Dessert: 1 glass of dessert wine.

Upgrade to dinner in our restaurant:
Upgrade the 3-course menu in the bistro to dinner in the restaurant. Price: € 30 per person.
Water, coffee and wine are also available.