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Domaine Rabiega

A Domaine with a rich history

France is well known for producing some of the world’s best wines. Here in sunny Provence, every winery has its own unique charm, but some rise above the rest. 

The Rabiega estate has a rich wine-growing tradition, dating all the way back to the 16th century. Production of wine under the Rabiega name started in the 1960s by Mrs Christiane Rabiega.

In 1986, Swedish Vin & Sprit (“Wine & Spirits”) acquired the property. Its aim was to use Rabiega to increase the company’s wine-making expertise by running a wine estate of its own. At the time, Vin & Sprit still had a monopoly on the import of wines to Sweden. They felt that an increased knowledge of the actual winemaking process would further increase the competence of its employees, who came to Rabiega to learn.

In the early days of Vin & Sprit, the wines were not considered too successful, but a revival began when Mr. Lars Torstenson was appointed winemaker in 1988. Domaine Rabiega received widespread recognition when a Syrah-based prestige cuvée (Clos Dière Cuvée I) of the 1990 vintage in 1993 achieved great success in a wine competition. Rabiega thus managed to establish itself as one of Provence’s premier wine estates, with a reputation as the best in its appellation, Côtes de Provence. At this time, a quality revival was underway among several producers in southern France, who had previously been considered to produce only simpler wines unable to compete with the classic French wine regions. In addition to Provence, this included Languedoc-Roussillon in particular.

In the early 2000s, Vin & Sprit decided to focus on its core business, which did neither include owning and operating its own learning center abroad, nor producing its own wines. Following Sweden’s 1995 entry into the European Union, the company had lost its monopoly position as a Swedish wine importer. The Swedish wine business had declined in importance compared to the production of spirits, not least after the Swedish export success Absolut Vodka. In 2005, it was therefore announced that Domaine Rabiega would be sold, and in connection with this Lars Torstenson also left the estate.

In 2006, the estate was purchased by the Åkesson family, who had previously run Kronovall Castle in southern Sweden. After a few years, the property was sold to a French owner who passed in 2017. The estate was once again up for sale.

In the summer of 2019, Gastrodev Vin & Sprit AB started working on the purchase of the estate together with a few select investors. Domaine Rabiega is from July 27, 2020 under Swedish ownership via Gastrodev Vin & Sprit AB, a wine importer based in Stockholm, whose founders are Yohan and Blenda Adell von Corswant. Both passionate about food and wines, and with a solid experience in the industry. In connection with this, the award-winning Lars Torstenson is once again in charge of the winemaking, he enters the mission with extremely high ambitions.

Your home away from home

Come on in and say hello! We are excited to welcome you to Domaine Rabiega in sunny Provence, with spectacular views that reach for miles. The newly upgraded and renovated domain is as beautiful as it is exceptional for grape growing. The topography, mild and sunny climate and special terroirs are perfect ingredients for delicious and ageworthy wines.

A cozy and beautifully decorated first-class hotel, Hôtel Clos Dière, bearing the name of our most prestigious wines, a lounge bar, wineshop, tasting cellars, meeting facilities for successful professional gatherings and restaurants await you. This fairytale has come true, thanks to the dream of our founders and co-founders – all of which share in the knowledge, interest, and love of good wines.

– We want you to feel at home with us, says Yohan Adell von Corswant, founder and CEO of Domaine Rabiega. Come enjoy a stay in one of our meticulously curated guest rooms à la Provence, enjoy a lunch in our bistro by the large pool, take a class in gourmet cooking and wine making, or simply relax in these beautiful surroundings before an al fresco bistro meal by the pool, or gourmet dinner is waiting for you in our fine-dining restaurant (the latter opening once the new kitchen is in place in the autumn of 2021).

The Domaine provides the best art and wine integration; Blenda is a skilled artist, the creative force behind wine labels, art installations and paintings. Together, Blenda and Yohan welcome you with open arms – to this special “home away from home”- truly, “Une Maison sans Pareil” – a place like no other!

Meet the founders –
Yohan & Blenda Adell von Corswant

A very special love story

After a life in the service of gastronomy, at several restaurants in the USA, France, and Sweden, Yohan & Blenda chose to change their focus and use their entrepreneurial spirits in the wine industry.

In 2015, the Adell von Corswant family had decided to market wines under their own brand, Maison Sans Pareil. Their wines Maison sans PareilBordeaux SuperieurMaison sans Pareil Loire, and the family’s very own champagne, L’Amour sans Pareil, were introduced to the discerning Swedish market. The wines quickly became sought after and sold well in first-class restaurants. These fine wines are now available in our boutique at the domaine – well worth a visit.

With these wonderful wines Gastrodev Wine & Spirits was founded in 2017 and began importing from a dozen different producers in France. Along the way Mattias Nemeth and Jimmy Frischenfeldt Bååth joined, who with their knowledge and experience moved the company forward. Today, the company invests in several wines from the old world and our ever-growing portfolio includes wines from several countries.

We are proud to offer you our very own, award-winning Clos Dière and our design awarded “R” (for Rabiega, of course) fine wines, including the fantastic vintages R 1920 and R 2020, available in both blanc and rosé.

Our promise is - no matter how much we grow and expand - to remain personal and to guarantee no compromise in neither service nor quality. Our promise is to give our hearts and souls to the Domaine Rabiega vineyard, hotel, and restaurant.

Blenda & Yohan
Yohan and Blenda

Our team


Yohan Adell von Corswant


Lars Torstenson


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Winery Worker

Thomas Bayart

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