Celebrate the harvest with us

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On Saturday 10th September, Domaine Rabiega vineyard will be hosting a big harvest festival. There’ll be lots of food, we’ll be drinking and talking wine, listening to music, raffling off nights in our hotel and relaxing on our sunbeds – the more adventurous among us may want to get competitive. It’s just going to be a really lovely evening. Please note – you’ll need to reserve a table in advance.

We’ll be providing several different buffets, with everything from meat and fish from the grill to charcuterie, salads, cheeses, desserts – and grapes. And of course we’ll be drinking our own wine and will tell you briefly about this year’s harvest. Swedish musician Caroline Mayer will be with us all evening, all guests will have a chance of winning bed and breakfast in our hotel, and we’ll be arranging little competitions during the evening for anyone who wants to take part.

Date & time
Saturday the 10th of September, at 6-11pm.

The buffet
Our buffet will be served between 7 and 8.30 pm, after which our dessert table will be available.

Date & time
Saturday the 10th of September, at 6-11pm.

Caroline Mayer will play now and then during the night. Here you have some facts about Caroline.

Adults: 50 Euro per person for all food and a bottle of wine. We also have a wine bar if you want to buy some more wines. Children: 3-10 years – 10 Euro person including a water/soft drink. 11-15 years – 15 Euro/person including a water/soft drink.

Table reservations only. You book by emailing hotel@rabiega.com. Please give us your name, number of people, age of any children and your phone number.

Hotel room
Why not combine the harvest festival with a night in our lovely, newly-refurbished hotel? Book your room quickly and simply by emailing https://rabiega.com/hotel

Vineyard Domaine Rabiega, 735 Chemin Saint Joseph, just outside Draguignan.

Pour réserver, appelez le +33 (0)4 94 68 44 22 et sélectionnez 2,
ou envoyez un e-mail à restaurant@rabiega.com.
Pour les réservations de plus de 8 personnes, veuillez appeler le bistrot.
Vous pouvez également réserver directement ci-dessous :

To make a reservation, please call +33 (0)4 94 68 44 22 and select 2,
or send an email to restaurant@rabiega.com.
You can also book directly below:

For bookings of more than 8 persons please call the bistro.